December 4, 2018


Left to right: Roger, Angela with daughter Taylor, Jim, Mindy, Angela’s husband Matt.

“Fix What You Can: Schizophrenia and a Lawmaker’s Fight for Her Son” is a frank account from a mother who was a state legislator when her son Jim’s first delusion demanded he kill her, but after he makes a serious suicide attempt she realizes he’s the one in danger. Her seat at the power table allowed her to work to change policies that barred her from saving Jim’s life. She first had to overcome her fear that Jim would be like her beloved grandmother who disappeared into a mental hospital when she was 10.

Given the heightened national interest in mental illness today and the millions of people affected, this book is timely. It spans 20 years and covers new ground about living with schizophrenia, adding a new level and appreciation of the challenges of finding employment, housing and friends. Jim and his parents push the envelope with his illness, including insisting that he return to college and find meaningful work.